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Robert D Holt

Eminent Scholar
Ph.D. Harvard University

111 Bartram Hall
Personal Website

Research Interests

My core personal research focuses on theoretical and conceptual issues at the population and community levels of ecological organization, and on the task of linking ecology with evolutionary biology. In addition to basic research, I am interested in bringing modern ecological theory to bear on significant applied problems, particularly in conservation biology. I have also carried out large-scale experiments on habitat fragmentation. My students include both theoreticians and empirical, experimental ecologists. I have historically collaborated with many faculty at a wide range of institutions, both inside and outside the USA.

Representative Publications

Knight, T.M., M.W. McCoy, J.M. Chase, K.A. McCoy and R.D. Holt. 2005. Trophic cascades across ecosystems. Nature 437:880-884 (and electronic supplement).

Cumming, G. S., G. Barnes, M. Binford, R.D. Holt, S. Perez, M. Schmink, K. E. Sieving, and J. Southworth. 2005. An exploratory framework for the empirical measurement of resilience in ecosystems. Ecosystems 8(8): 975-987.

Holt, R.D. 2006. Making a virtue out of a necessity: Hurricanes and the resilience of island communities. PNAS 103: 2005-2006.

Dennehy, J.J., N.A. Friedenberg, R.D. Holt and P.E. Turner. 2006. Viral ecology and the maintenance of novel host use. American Naturalist 167(3): 429-439.

Keesing, F, R.D. Holt and R.S. Ostfeld. 2006. Effects of species diversity on disease risk. Ecology Letters 9(4): 485-498.

Holt, R.D. and A.P. Dobson. 2006. Introduction: Extending the principles of community ecology to address the epidemiology of host-pathogen communities. In Disease Ecology: Community Structure and Pathogen Dynamics, S.K. Collinge and C. Ray, eds. Oxford University Press.

Harding, K.C., J.M. McNamara, and R.D. Holt. 2006. Understanding invasions in patchy habitats through metapopulation theory. Pages371-403 in Conceptual ecology and invasion biology: reciprocal approaches to nature, M. Cadotte and T. Fukami, eds.

Current Graduate Students

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Kristen Sauby