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Michelle C. Mack

Ph.D.  University of California at Berkeley, 1998

509 Carr Hall
Personal Website

Research Interests

  • Effects of plant diversity and functional identity on ecosystem nitrogen retention following fire in boreal forest
  • Effects of plant species and functional types on diversity, ecosystem function, and ecosystem response to perturbation in arctic tundra
  • A measurement program in Siberia to assess disturbance-driven changes in arctic carbon and nutrient fluxes
  • The role of plant traits in ecosystem nutrient dynamics
  • The response of exotic, invasive species to climate change in Florida
  • The effects of fire on soil nutrient dynamics in Florida long leaf pine ecosystems
  • Plant diversity and nutrient use in canopy epiphyte communities of Costa Rican tropical wet forests

Representative Publications

Mack, M.C., E.A.G. Schuur, MS. Bret-Harte, G.R. Shaver, and F.S. Chapin III. 2004. Carbon storage in arctic tundra reduced by long-term nutrient fertilization. Nature 431: 440-443.

Treseder, K. K., M.C. Mack, A. Cross. 2004. Relationships among fires, fungi, and soil dynamics in Alaskan boreal forests. Ecological Application 14 (6):1826–1838.

Mack, M.C., and C.M. D'Antonio. 2003. Effects of exotic grasses on litter decomposition in a Hawaiian woodland: the importance of indirect effects. Ecosystems.

Mack, M.C., and C.M. D'Antonio. 2003. Exotic grasses alter controls over soil nitrogen dynamics in a Hawaiian woodland. Ecological Applications 13 (1):154-166.

Mack, M. C., D'Antonio, C. M., Ley, R. E. 2001. Alteration of ecosystem nitrogen dynamics by exotic plants: A case study of C4 grasses in Hawaii. Ecological Applications 11 (5): 1323-1335.

Schuur, E.A., J.W. Harden, M.C. Mack and S.E. Trumbore. 2003. Isotopic composition of smoke from a boreal forest fire. Global Biogeochemical Cycles 17(1): 1001-1008.

Harden, J.W., M. C. Mack, H. Veldhuis, and S.T. Gower. 2002. Fire dynamics and implications for nitrogen cycling in boreal forests. Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmopshere, special volume FIRE-EXB 1/01.

Beringer, J, A.H. Lynch, F.S. Chapin, III, M. Mack, and G.B. Bonan. 2001. The representation of arctic soils in the land surface model: The importance of mosses. Journal of Climate 14:3324-3335.

D'Antonio, C.M., and M.C. Mack. 2001. Exotic grasses slow invasion of a nitrogen fixing tree into a Hawaiian woodland. Biological Invasions 3: 69-73.

Chapin, F.S. III, S. Diaz, V. Eviner, S. Hobbie, D. Hooper, S. Lavorel, M. Mack, R. Naylor, H. Reynolds, O. Sala, P. Vitousek, and E. Zavaleta. 2000. Functional and societal consequences of changing biotic diversity. Nature 405(6783):234-242.

Mack, M.C., and C. M. D'Antonio. 1998. Impacts of biological invasions on disturbance regimes. Trends in Ecology and Evolution, 13 (5):195-198.

Current Graduate Students

NameEmailResearch Interest
Barry Kaminsky barrykaminsky@ufl.eduEcosystem function, ecological genetics, lichens
Simon McClung simon.mcclung@ufl.eduForest Ecosystem Ecology