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Walter S. Judd

Distinguished Professor
Ph.D., Harvard University, 1978

378 Dickinson Hall

Research Interests

My research concerns the systematics and evolution of flowering plants, with specific interest in the Ericaceae and Melastomataceae, phylogenetic relationships within temperate/tropical family pairs, and the floras of the West Indies and southeastern U.S. I have conducted field work mainly in the southeastern United States, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. Currently, I am involved in taxonomic revisions of several Antillean clades of Miconieae (Melastomataceae), an investigation of the phylogeny of the Gaultherieae (Ericaceae), the treatment of several families for the Generic Flora of the Southeastern United States, and the production of an introductory textbook in plant systematics (Plant Systematics: A Phylogenetic Approach).

Research achievements include revisions of Agarista, Craibiodendron, Lyonia, Pieris, and subclades of Rhododendron (in the Ericaceae), and revisions of Miconia sect. Chaenopleura, and the Miconia desportesii complex (in the Melastomataceae).Other significant research includes published phylogenetic analyses of various clades within the Ericaceae and Melastomataceae.

Representative Publications

Waselkov, K. & W. S. Judd.2008. A phylogenetic analysis of Leucothoe s.l. (Ericaceae; tribe Gaultherieae) based on morphological characters.Brittonia 60 (in press).

Judd, W. S., J. D. Skean, T. Clase, & G. Ionta.2008.Taxonomic studies in the Miconieae (Melastomataceae). IX. Calycogonium formonense, a new species from the Massif de la Hotte, Haiti.Brittonia 60:265-270.

Judd, W. S., J. D. Skean, D. S. Penneys, & F. A. Michelangeli.2008.A new species of Henriettea (Melastomataceae) from the Sierra de Baoruco, the Dominican Republic.Brittonia 60: 217-227.

Goldenberg, R., D. S. Penneys, F. Almeda, W. S. Judd, & F. A. Michelangeli.2008. Phylogeny of Miconia (Melastomataceae): initial insights into broad patterns of diversification in a large Neotropical genus. Int. J. Plant Sci. 169: 963-979.

Judd, W. S., G. M. Ionta, T. Clase, & J. D. Skean.2008.Tetrazygia paralongicollis (Miconieae, Melastomataceae), a new species from the Sierra de Baoruco and Sierra Martin Garcia, Dominican Republic.J. Bot. Res. Inst. Texas 2: 35-40.

Michelangeli, F. A., W. S. Judd, D. S. Penneys, J. D. Skean, E. R. Becquer, R. Goldenberg, & C. V. Martin.2008.Multiple events of dispersal and radiation of the tribe Miconieae (Melastomataceae) in the Caribbean.Bot. Rev. 74: 53-77.

Zomlefer, W. B. & W. S. Judd.2008. Two new species of Schoenocaulon (Liliales: Melanthiaceae) from Mexico supported by ITS sequence data.Syst. Bot. 33: 117-124.

Judd, W. S., D. E. Soltis, P. S. Soltis, & G. Ionta.2007.Tolmiea diplomenziesii: a new species from the Pacific Northwest and the diploid sister taxon of the autotetraploid T. menziesii (Saxifragaceae).Brittonia 59: 217-225.

Cantino, P. D., J. A. Doyle, S. W. Graham, W. S. Judd, R. G. Olmstead, D. E. Soltis, P. S. Soltis, & M. J. Donoghue.2007. Towards a phylogenetic nomenclature of Tracheophyta.Taxon 56: 822-846.

Ionta, G. M., W. S. Judd, N. H. Williams, & W. M. Whitten.2007.Phylogenetic relationships in Rhexia (Melastomataceae): evidence from DNA sequence data and morphology. Int. J. Plant Sci. 168: 1855-1066.

Morris, A. B., C. D. Bell, J. W. Clayton, W. S. Judd, D. E. Soltis, & P. S. Soltis. 2007.Phylogeny and divergence time estimation in Illicium with implications for New World biogeography.Syst. Bot. 32: 236-249.

Judd, W. S. 2007.Revision of Miconia sect. Chaenopleura (Miconieae, Melastomataceae) in the Greater Antilles.Systematic Botany Monographs 81: 1-235.

Soltis, D. E., P. S. Soltis, D. Schemske, J. Hancock, J. Thompson, B. Husband, & W. S. Judd. 2007. Autopolyploidy and sympatric speciation in angiosperms: have we grossly underestimated the number of species? Taxon 56: 13-30.

Manchester, S. R., W. S. Judd, & B. Handley.2006.Foliage and fruits of early poplars (Salicaceae: Populus) from the Eocene of Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming. Int. J. Plant Sci. 167: 897-908.

Zomlefer, W. B., W. M. Whitten, N.H. Williams, & W. S. Judd.2006.Infrageneric phylogeny of Schoenocaulon (Liliales: Melanthiaceae) with clarification of cryptic species based on ITS sequence data and geographical distributions.Amer. J. Bot. 93: 1178-1192.

Penneys, D. S., & W. S. Judd. 2005. A systematic revision and cladistic analysis of Charianthus (Miconieae: Melastomataceae) using morphological and molecular characters. Systematic Botany 30: 559-584.

Guerrero, A., W. S. Judd, & A. Morris.2004. A new species of Illicium subsection Parviflora (Illiciaceae) from the Massif de la Hotte, Haiti.Brittonia 56: 346-352.

Judd, W. S. & D. S. Penneys.2004. Taxonomic studies in the Miconieae (Melastomataceae). VIII.A revision of the species of the Miconia desportesii complex on Hispaniola. Rhodora 106: 124-147.

Judd, W. S., D. S. Penneys, & J. D. Skean.2004. Rediscovery of Ossaea alloeotricha, an endemic of the high-elevation Massif de la Hotte, Haiti, and its transfer to Miconia (Melastomataceae: Miconieae).Brittonia 56: 159-165.

Boucher, L. D., S. R. Manchester, & W. S. Judd.2003.An extinct genus of Salicaceae based on twigs with attached flowers, fruits, and foliage from the Eocene Green River Formation of Utah and Colorado.Amer. J. Bot. 90: 1389-1399.

Penneys, D. S. & W. S. Judd.2003. The resurrection and lectotypification of Tetrazygia fadyenii (Melastomataceae: Miconieae): A hummingbird pollinated treelet endemic to Jamaica. Sida 20: 877-884.

Zomlefer, W. B., W. M. Whitten, N. H. Williams, & W. S. Judd.2003.An overview of Veratrum s.l. (Liliales: Melanthiaceae) and an infrageneric phylogeny based on ITS sequence data. Amer. J. Bot. 90: 250-269.

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Zomlefer, W. B., N. H. Williams, W. M. Whitten, & W. S. Judd.2001.Generic circumscription and relationships in the tribe Melanthieae (Liliales, Melanthiaceae), with emphasis on Zigadenus: evidence from ITS and trnL-F sequence data.Amer. J. Bot. 88: 1657-1669.

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